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None of Our Cambodia Adventures Are the Same

Tailored trips for all levels. We guide, so you can see what you want to see and do how much you want to do.

We take you to the most remote, the most important Angkorian civilisation sites and the rarely visited hidden hideaways.

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What's Your Ideal Trip?

Take in the natural beauty of Cambodia when you explore with us. Discover remnants of the Angkorian civilisation hidden in the forest.

Whether a few hours or a full holiday we will deliver adventure:

  • A kayak around the edge of the great Ton Le Sap lake to a floating house, where we’ll enjoy a beer on the stairs as the sun goes down
  • Driven in an oxcart to a divine champagne lunch in a hidden temple ruin

The options are endless.

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From Discovery to Gutsy

Whether a light kayak or a gutsy hike, we have your adventure needs covered.

Get Your Bearings

Jungle villages, the great lake, sacred mountains and ancient ruins. These are the settings for Indochine-ex Adventures.

From Cambodia's Beating Heart...

Cambodia (about the size of the UK), in the centre of Indochina, is separated from it’s neighbours Thailand, Laos and Vietnam by mountains and sea. The country is bisected by the mighty Mekong River, which feeds the huge Tonle Sap Great Lake. Like the pulse of a beating heart, water from the Mekong surges into the lake bringing water, fish and life to the countryside.

...Through Forested Temple Cities...

It is no accident that the temples of Angkor are situated on the Northern edge of this vast lake in the 400 kilometre-squared Angkor Park. The forested temple cities of Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm lie within the Angkor Park. Siem Reap, the town closest to Angkor was once a sleepy village beside a river. It is now a bustling tourist town serving millions of visitors who come to see these great wonders of the world.

...And Into Surrounding Countryside

The surrounding countryside offers rice paddy fields, towering palm trees and stilted wooden villages. The open expanse of the Tonle Sap Lake and the ribbon of flooded forest and fishing villages round its edges. The mysterious Kulen Hills, the birthplace of the Angkorian Empire harbours ancient statues and lost temples hidden in the jungle.


The Blog

Nick at Indochine documents every trip. Follow his adventures on the Indochine Exploration blog.

My Holiday

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An Angkorian Paddle

An Angkorian Paddle Background The rise and fall of the Angkorian Empire, which lasted 500 years from the 9th to 14th century, was centered in what is now Siem Reap Province, around its greatest monument Angkor Wat. A population of a million in an area of 1000 km2...

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A BeTreed Adventure

A BeTreed Adventure Waived away by the staff, who’ve sort of got used to my bizarre behavior. Legs aside my trusted steed. In this case a new 125cc Honda Dream. Gloves, scarf, helmet, a hat in the front basket and most importantly an incredibly complicated set of...

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