All our trips are tailored to suit our guests.


Cambodia has a hot humid spring, a wet summer, cooling autumn and a wonderful winter, which means that activities easy in a temperate climate are a lot more difficult here.

Before we start and on the route but as a guide here is a suggestion of who will most enjoy our different adventures.


Angkor Park Cycle

★ a wonder of the world  ★ one of the greatest civilisations ★ the largest religious structure ★ 400 km2 of forest bisected by cycle paths ★ temple pools, moats and reservoirs

Countryside Exploration Cycle

★ Exciting bike rides through stunning countryside ★ hidden temples ★ vast Angkorian reservoirs ★ stilted villages surrounded by paddy fields and palm trees ★ rural Khmer culture

Countryside Cycles

Phnom Kulen Mountain-bike ride

Exciting mountain bike trails on forest roads and jungle paths. Daytrip loops to overnight cycling expeditions. Medium to difficult, off road mountain biking experience necessary. Blogs; Porpel to Kbal Spean, Preah Ang Thom to Anlong Thom & Back.


Indochine was the French name for the forested regions between India and China. The largest herds of deer and wild cattle outside Africa roamed with tigers and leopards in hot pursuit and elephants migrating with the rain.

The dripping jungle was home to exotic hornbills, all manner of monkeys, of course snakes….

And hidden deep in the forest was the remnants of one of the greatest civilisations the world has ever seen, the Angkorian Empire.

This heady mix creates an intoxicating tale of romanticism, mystery, excitement, danger and the exotic that begs exploration.

This is the essence of Indochine Exploration Adventures.

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