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Cambodia's Coast

★ Kep a colonial seaside resort set below the hills of a national park  ★ Kampot a bustling riverside town ★ forested islands with coral reefs and deserted beaches ★ the stylish Knai Bang Chatt in Kep & Song Saa a private island luxury resort.

Cambodian Beaches

Phnom Penh

★ a fast growing vibrant city once the Paris of Asia  ★ art deco architecture in the New Khmer Movement ★ an education of the Khmer civil war ★ rural Cambodia across the Mekong ★ sophisticated hotels, restaurants and more coffee shops than you could imagine


★ Riverside colonial French shop houses ★ exquisite rural Khmer architecture ★ kitch pagodas ★ flourishing art scene ★ lush countryside ★ hilltop Angkorian temples

Prek Toal to Battambang via The Sangke River

★ lower Sangke a water world of seasonally flooded forests & floating villages ★ middle Sangke stilted villages & big horizons ★ upper Sangke a meander through rural Khmer countryside

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Indochine was the French name for the forested regions between India and China. The largest herds of deer and wild cattle outside Africa roamed with tigers and leopards in hot pursuit and elephants migrating with the rain.

The dripping jungle was home to exotic hornbills, all manner of monkeys, of course snakes….

And hidden deep in the forest was the remnants of one of the greatest civilisations the world has ever seen, the Angkorian Empire.

This heady mix creates an intoxicating tale of romanticism, mystery, excitement, danger and the exotic that begs exploration.

This is the essence of Indochine Exploration Adventures.

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