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Nick Butler

“Every adventure is different, a discovery of beauty and culture. A juxtaposition of wild and wonderful places with the experiences we create there.

My love of the country built up over the 11 years I have lived here. Running a bird watching adventure enterprise gave me the chance to explore its lakes, forests and incredible cultural heritage. There is an excitement, a mystery, a feeling of discovery in Cambodia.”

Nick has a commercial background with an MBA from Durham University in England, working as an international marketing manager before running a business. His first degree was in zoology and his passion has always been the countryside and its conservation so when the company he was running was sold he had the opportunity to fulfill this dream in Cambodia.


Buntha was born in a Khmer Rouge Refugee Camp in Thailand. His family moved back to Siem Reap after the civil war in 1992.

He studied for 4 years at The Royal University of Phnom Penh living in a pagoda with the monks. His first job was in the floating village of PrekToal, where he met his wife Veasna. He was responsible for developing and strengthening The Water Hyacinth Handicraft and Community-Based Tourism Project. “It made me very proud of myself.”

“I’ve been working as an adventure guide for Smiling Albino Cambodia since 2013; I’m really passionate about adventure trips that we offer to our guests. I’m very pleased that I have opportunity to talk and share my experience as well as Cambodia history, culture and its beauty.”


Lors was born in a small village North of Siem Reap. He left his parents in 2005 to go to high school then found a job as a Sky Ranger for a Zip line company in the Angkor Park for three years.

“From that time I started to love adventure and out-door activities. My daily favorite thing to do is working out in the gym and this is where I have been making a lot of friends especially it is where I first met my boss of my job. In my free time I love cycling and trekking in the countryside.”


Ra completed the tour guide training in 2007 and worked as a freelance guide. It wasn’t easy, he had to start as a driver and now is one of the few guides who have a license to take guests throughout Cambodia and he taught himself to speak German.

“Time flies so fast. It took me over 10 years, but I still love what I am doing. Of course, I would always like to best serve my clients and make sure that everything is alright but in between time I’m getting married and look forward to having a family.

“My ambition is to take guests away from Siem Reap to the countryside and introduce them to local people. Explain their daily life and develop other places so they too can benefit from tourism.
My hobbies are football and the gym. I like reading about Cambodian history also novels like Oliver Twist written by Charles Dickens.


Jin 22, was studying at a local tourism training school when he approached Indochine Exploration. “I wanted to understand how a tour company works. To get broad experience.”

After 6 months with us what he likes best; “Being an Adventure Guide, show people how my country is different and give them a unique experience. I love exploring with The Team, finding new places to take out guests.”

Jin’s family are from the countryside, they moved to Siem Reap when it became too difficult to make a living from their small farm. Now he lives with his mother, older sister and grandmother.


Indochine was the French name for the forested regions between India and China. The largest herds of deer and wild cattle outside Africa roamed with tigers and leopards in hot pursuit and elephants migrating with the rain.

The dripping jungle was home to exotic hornbills, all manner of monkeys, of course snakes….

And hidden deep in the forest was the remnants of one of the greatest civilisations the world has ever seen, the Angkorian Empire.

This heady mix creates an intoxicating tale of romanticism, mystery, excitement, danger and the exotic that begs exploration.

This is the essence of Indochine Exploration Adventures.

From the blog

A few of Nick and The Team’s adventures.

The finfoot is Hatched

finfoot 1. The finfoot is Hatched finfoot was born in Prek Toal and conceived in the myriad of marshy waterways that come and go with the flood and ebb of the lake across the floodplain. The Tonle Sap Lake during the ebb and Prek Toal Core Bird Reserve (below) The...

Christmas Lunch with Jayavarman IV

Christmas Lunch in Prasat Pong Keoy Temple It all started 8 years go when a monk came to see me about a forest ……….. Skip 8 years and we’re trying to find it again, this time with Lors and Buntha, not helped by its many names. Prasat Yoni or Temple of the Clitoris...

The Bill Bensley Boat Races by Indochine Exploration

The Bill Bensley Boat Races by Indochine Exploration ‘Nick I’ve got an amazing booking for you,’ said Christian the GM of Shinta Mani. ‘That’s great, what?’ I replied a little apprehensive knowing Christian. ‘Kayak,’ ‘Ok how many?’ ‘120’ ‘We can’t do it.’ ‘Why are you...

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